Welcome to the official Website of Professional Natural Bodybuilder Tim Sinz.

I’ve been a 100% drug-free bodybuilder for life and decided I’d like to share the knowledge I have gained over the pasts several years.

Whether you’re an athlete trying to add muscle or get ripped; or you’re a female simply trying to tone up or slim down. This site will give you the knowledge to design your own workout and nutritional regimen. It contains the nuts and bolts of proper diet and training. All of this essential information is revealed here for free, so take-in as much information as possible and put it together for your ultimate regimen. If additional assistance is needed see my services page.

Enjoy the site and good luck!

This information was compiled from both my own personal experiences and from other trainers and coaches who have been a great help and inspiration to me.

I feel you can never have too much knowledge; therefore I’m constantly on the look out for more. This will hopefully allow me to make continuous improvements that will make me a better competitor and trainer.